Hobbies Let You Turn Free Time into Fun Time,
Reduce Stress and Live Longer!

Yes, that’s right! Hobbies have been shown over and over again to reduce stress levels which as we hear in the news every day causes heart disease and other health problems. Not to mention the problem of deteriorating mental health. Having nothing to do with empty time adds to depression and lack of self worth and all the variations of this problem. Keeping busy can help!

Sounds too good to be true! Find relaxing free time activities and live longer, can it get better than that? I don't think so! On top of that some of these activities can be turned into a little extra cash. I know what a little extra money does for my mental health!

So, How do we find that perfect free time activity? You might ask. Well, when I look for activities to fill my spare time, I ask myself the following questions:

- Is this something I see myself doing? Does it fit with the other kinds of things I like to do?

- How does it fit the time I have available? Will I be able to spend enough time on the new activity to make it rewarding in some way?

- What is my budget situation? Some pastimes are low cost to start and low cost to keep going. Some are cheap to start but expensive to keep doing. And yet others are expensive to start and costly to maintain. How does my situation fit?

- Do I want to sell my creations? Is this an activity that makes a saleable product?

- Do I have any unique skills or interests that make one hobby preferrable over another? Or, do I really want something completely new and different?

The other thing to remember is that you don’t have to stop with only one. For example, right now my free time activities are,

My Current Hobbies - Stained glass

- Metal crafting

- Copper electroforming

- Woodworking

- Growing succulents

- Making jewelry

- Jigsaw puzzles

- Repairing antique clocks

- Soapmaking

- Fish keeping

- And, in my spare free time I travel in an RV. My Wife Hobbies

I guess my point is that you don’t have to pick only one. It really is ok to be a hobby junkie! Be adventurous and look for several that interest you and then try them all!

This Hobbies and Pastimes encyclopedia is here for your use and enjoyment and to bring you information that will help you find a new pastime or to start your very first one. While I have first hand experience with many of the activities listed, not all. So, if I don’t get something quite right please let me know in kind words so I can improve.

So now, please begin exploring the wonderful world of freetime activities. Check back often as I am always adding new content.

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