Science Hobbies – Why are Things the Way They Are?

Science has always been something special and mysterious to me. I can remember growing up wondering about why things are the way they are. The Popular Mechanics magazines that Mom let me pick up at the second hand store for a few pennies were very special treats. These teased my brain with things wonderful and mysterious.

Astronomy, meteorology (weather), chemistry, robotics, magnetics, electricity, physics and alternative energy are some of the subjects that can become a hobby.

To me one of the most exciting hobbies to get into is alternative energy production. Right now it is not beyond any of us to build our own solar hot water heating system. Or, make your own biodiesel from used cooking oil. Got wind? You can set up your own wind generator. The web is loaded with do-it-yourself plans! I will help you find them. What do they say? It’s easy to be green.

More traditionally, get a telescope and begin exploration of the galaxies, stars and planets. Or a microscope and look at the world of small critters and things.

Get excited about any of these and your kids or grandkids will want to be part of it for sure. So, lets get started!

Model Rocketry is not only a great hobby, but a great way to learn physics and engineering fundamentals. Basic information provided to help you get started.

Stargazing , No I Don't Mean The Hollywood Type!

Robot Building , Wanna build your very own R2-D2 or C-3PO? Building robots, machines meant to mimic the behavior of humans or other animals, is an exciting and rewarding hobby.

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