Kids Hobbies – Does Your Child Have One?

Kids Hobbies can be an important part of a child’s development. Having a hobby helps kids to set goals, solve problems, make decisions and develop analysis abilities. Many times these hobbies become lifelong interests, sometimes even careers.

So how do you help your child find a hobby? Begin by setting a good example. Kids with hobbies usually have parents with hobbies.

Provide some guidance and help as your child gets started. Nothing will kill enthusiasm faster than frustration during the period of getting started. Help them learn how to follow directions and how to handle craft materials that may or may not be delicate.

Give your child some space to work on their hobby. Set aside a corner of the basement, garage or hobby room for them to work. Regardless of where the space is, kids need to be able to get up and walk away leaving everything just as they finished with it. Make sure there is room for spills and any other accidents that are part of the creative process.

Limiting television time encourages kids to work on their hobbies and in general be more active, but you already know that.

Here are some links to all kinds of kids Hobbies:

Crayon Recycling is just the greatest project to help get your kids back into coloring. Old broken worn out crayons given new life and made fun again. Please note that only a part of this craft can be done by the kids!

Flying Things kid’s crafts is loaded with craft activities that the kids can have fun with for hours after they finish making them.

Kite Flying is a wonderful outdoor kids hobby which can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Learn more about this great outdoor activity.

Spaghetti Painting is one of the all-time great kid activities. Use that cooked spaghetti left over from last night to give your child a new painting experience.

Puppets – Learn to make your own puppets from a bunch of household items. Why not put on a puppet show!

Butterflies and Bugs – All kinds of craft ideas involving crawling and flying insects. Gives me the creepy crawlies just thinking about them!

Beading for Kids – Kids can make their own jewelry or any number of beady eyed critters all in the name of fun!

Book Covers and Books – Alphabet books, book covers, bookmarks, and other book related craft creations. Turn the creative kid loose!

Sewing and Needlework – Here are some crafts to use up some of those leftover fabric scraps from all your other projects!

Kites – Not only about flying them but make and color your own flying creation!

Nature Crafts – Learn how to use flowers, pine cones, rocks and sticks to make a variety of crafty items.

Origami – Learn folding paper crafts and make your own imaginative creations!

Finger Painting – A look at the messy side of fine art!

Finger Print Crafts – A gathering of fun creations all involving your fingerprints. What’s a thumbunny?

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