Computer Hobbies – Its More Than Web Surfing And Game Playing!

Computer Hobbies is a category of pastimes that varies from playing games to digital scrapbooking. The more traditional computer pastimes like games and 3D animation continue to be popular and getting ever more complex. But, the new category of computer based hobbies such digital scrapbooking is rapidly growing as people find ways to adapt their favorite hobbies to their computers.

Since nearly everyone has a computer these days and most of us are new enough to computers to still be fascinated by new ways to use our machines, turning our computer loose on our crafts just makes sense.

Building a Website is a great way to spend some of your free time. If you enjoy the internet and can share some of your life’s experiences or are willing to research your subject, then you can build a successful website. It may start out as a hobby, but you will end up with a home based business.

Classic Gaming or as it is sometimes called Retrogaming, is a hobby that involves the collecting and sometimes playing 1980’s vintage computer, video and arcade games.

Digital Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies that really embraces the computer and its power to manipulate images and digital objects. There are many software packages available that give you an incredible range of themes, backgrounds and embellishments for that special project.

Fantasy Sports – Here is an activity that is very competitive and addictive, if I can safely use that word. The term “armchair quarterback” has been redefined by fantasy sports. You can join leagues ranging from baseball, golf, soccer, auto racing and even pro wrestling!

Geocaching has been compared an Easter egg hunt with the use of a high tech GPS unit. In the last five years the popularity of this hobby has skyrocketed with caches located nearly everywhere on earth.

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