Crafts - Like To Work With Yarns And Fabrics? Then This Is The Place For You!

Sometimes called the Fabric Crafts, these are for the most part the skills that humans developed in ancient times to cover their bodies for warmth and decoration. Throughout time we have advanced the techniques, tools and improved the materials bringing us to modern times. Today, the varieties of materials and colors are endless making for some wonderful creations!

I have watched my wife for years and years knit, crochet, sew, embroider, macrame, quilt and others. She has loved doing everyone of them and hopes that as you explore the fabric crafts, you too will find something that you love and enjoy.

Today we live in a time when virtually anything we need is available to be purchased ready made for us at the nearest shopping center. So why do we still Knit, Sew or otherwise hand make some of the items we use? Mostly we do it because we get great self pride from creating wonderful, useful items.

Many of these skills are centuries old and we honor our ancestors by keeping these crafts alive. The most time honored tradition is to pass these skills down from mother to daughter or father to son. Much as they have been passed on for centuries. What a beautiful thought. In recent times it has become possible to go to school and learn the skills required by these activities. Perhaps, start your own tradition!

In the text that follows you will find links to each of the specific activities contained in this section. Many of the topics have great instructional videos to help you get started. These are truly wonderful hobbies!

Graspr- How-to Videos

Basket Weaving dates back many thousands of years. In those early days it was more about function while today it is more about decorative uses. Lets learn about making baskets!

Beading typically takes the form of jewelry. Find out how to get started in this fascinating and rewarding hobby!

Crocheting almost sounds like a dance step! Far from it. Get the inside story on slipknots and granny squares.

Embroidery is a true art form. A needle, thread and fabric is to an embroiderer what a brush, paint and canvas is to a painter!

Knitting - Knit one, purl two? What does it all mean? Want to know more take a look!

Leather Crafting allows for the creation of many useful goods. From high quality belts to briefcases, the uses of leather are nearly endless.

Macrame - Know how to make a square knot? A half hitch or full hitch knot? If so, you already know the basics of Macramé.

Origami is an ancient paper craft that can be fascinating as well as fun. Learn how to make origami shapes using basic and advanced paper folding techniques to produce art, gifts or home decorating items.

Quilting is about creating beauty with scraps of cloth. Ever think you could get stung by a quilting bee?

Sewing by Hand to make your own clothes will save you money and they will fit you perfectly!

Hand Spinning your own yarn is increasing in popularity. Ever wonder what the difference between a Z twist and an S twist would be? The details can be found here!

Weaving is all about warp and weft. That’s pretty exciting talk, don’t you think? Click here to take you away!

Some Additional Resources

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