Money Making Hobbies – Are Your Creations Really Worth Money?

Absolutely! Money Making Hobbies turned into a home based business is the dream of nearly every working person alive today. The problem is finding a niche that your hobby crafts will fit into and that customers will climb mountains to own. So, what can you do from home that will be of demand to others? Well, there are nearly an endless list of hobbyists that have found that special spot in the hearts of consumers. They found their niche and capitalized it! Whether it be knitting, metalworking, soap making or any of the many other hobbies highlighted on this site. Try to figure out what you love, what you are passionate about and what skills you have or can learn that will meet your goals of a hobby turned into a business. Having some business cards to hand out and include with your products will help out too. Many of the hobbies highlighted on this site have the potential to become cash generating activities.

So how do you turn that hobby into cash? Well, you have to sell your creations. There are many venues for doing this including ebay, ETSY, flea markets, craft shows, consignment shops and other local businesses that handle the kind of items you create. Be careful not to expect too much too quick, it takes time to build a customer base that will generate steady cash flow. If you are patient and work hard, good things will likely come your way.

The hardest aspect of a true hobby based business is finding the right niche. For example, if your skill is woodworking, what type of wood creation are in the greatest demand? Do you focus on kitchen cabinets and go for low profit margin but high volume or do you go into fine furniture which likely has a high margin but you don't have to sell so many? These are questions you will want to ponder. Sometimes questions like this can be answered right at the beginning while other times it may be a fluid market where you use your skills to answer the demands as they come to your door. Don't hesitate to be flexible if it helps build reputation and your business.

So here are some of my favorite money making hobbies that potentially can be turned into cash:


Stained Glass

Jewelry Making

Candle Making

Soap Making

Knitting and Crocheting




Furniture Restoration


Walking Stick Making

I will add to this list as I discover new and exciting opportunities. Here are links to the hobbies that have been detailed on this site up to this time.

Build a Website is a great way to spend some of your free time. If you enjoy the internet and can share some of your life’s experiences or are willing to research your subject, then you can build a successful website. It may start out as a hobby, but you will end up with a home based business

Clock Repair and restoration is a wonderful hobby that can easily be turned into a money making business.

Electroforming is a wonderful hobby for those that like to work with metal. Some of my creations still have their owners mystified as to how they were made. This one is a money making hobby!

Jewelry Making is a craft that everyone can do and have fun doing it!

Photography is the process of preserving an image of a single moment in time. This hobby is one that anyone can do from first time camera users to full time professionals. A great hobby!

Soap Making is the perfect hobby for those that care about what they use on their skin. Formulate that special bath soap to make you feel and smell wonderful. Not only is this craft fun, it has a high profit margin!

Stained Glass is a wonderful hobby that can be turned into cash. This craft really isn't as hard as it looks.

Make Walking Sticks as a money making hobby can be fun and profitable. With a construction cost of less than a dollar, this hobby can be nearly all profit.

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