Princess Craft Party!!

What little girl doesn't love a craft party !!!!

My daughter loves crafts so much that she made it her birthday party theme when she was 7.

We rented a pavilion close by from the city for around 70.00 for a half day, and had the party there for a few hours.  It is great as my house isn't big enough for all her little friends and family.

We came up with 3 or 4 crafts that she wants to do, and then got all the supplies that were needed. 

The day of the party we set up the room, (set the tables and chairs up).  Usually we have table clothes or paper of some kind down to protect the city's tables, and then decorate with streamers, and if allowed we put up some balloons.  Instead of ordering a banner we made one, by getting a long piece of paper, stencil or draw letters and cute designs.  This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to a few hours depending on how nice you want the banner to be.  (This saved around 20-50 dollars)

If you are having a large group you can divide the group into sections to rotate through the different craft tables, that way they all get a chance at each table.  (there are always some who go to each table and finish in 3 minutes, while others take there time and take 20-30 minutes.  In this situation of the child taking 3 minutes each and then saying what do I do now, we always have print outs of crossword puzzles -which you can print on line for free, or some print out for them to do).

Craft #1 - We got some inexpensive flip flops from the craft store, and tied material on the front.  - We tie dyed some white material and cut them in strips of 1" wide by 12" long. 

 Craft #2 - We made bags.  The craft store had hand bags we got each child one, fabric markers,  paint, and stencils, and let the children decorate there bags as they wish.  We then sprayed them with glitter spray if they wanted.

 Craft #3 - decorated princess wood wands.  Glued on pom poms and wrapped around pipe cleaners around the stem.

Craft #4 - decorated foam book marks with stickers and markers. 

She had a wonderful birthday party and wants to plan another one soon.  We will post more craft ideas for parties for different ages.  These crafts were great for 7-8 yr olds.

If you are interested in some craft ideas for a particular age send me a text and I can help you find some.

If you would like us to plan a craft party please email us and we would love to help you.  We are located in Utah, if you live close we can do the set up-clean up, shopping, planning, hosting, decorating and if any food is needed we can arrange that as well.   Email us and we can help you with the perfect craft party!!!