Pastimes or Hobbies - Is There a Difference?

Pastimes are mostly about having fun while you are killing time. Card games, video games, yoyo's, beachcombing, bird watching and many others fall into this very large category of activities.

You can find some that are get the blood flowing exciting while others are perfect for a quiet, lay back Sunday afternoon. There will be something for everyone!

As defined by Webster, a Pastime is an activity that you do to help you enjoyably pass the time. Whereas a Hobby is defined as a pursuit outside your work or career that is done for relaxation.

You might be saying that there's not a lot of difference. Well, you are pretty much right. However, I like to add this tiny tidbit. A hobby has a tendency to produce something physical while a the other does not. Both can be relaxing and fun and neither is better than the other.

For example, knitting is a hobby that might produce a sweater or other article. While doing tricks with a yo-yo is an enjoyable activity it does not produce anything. Nothing wrong with that! So there is the subtle difference that separates the two hobby types.

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This list of activities is nearly endless. In my encyclopedia I will give you the best information I can on the most popular and just keep going until I run out of time or energy!

So, here we go, hang on tight while we explore the many ways to consume time!

Beachcombing is a wonderful, relaxing way to spend some of your free time! This page describes this fascinating activity for you.

Birding seems to be a relatively peaceful and laid back activity. But, you will be surprised! Learn more by following this link.

Crossword Puzzles are a great way to fill the time riding the bus to work while engaging the mind in a fun activity. Here are some clues for solving crosswords.

Jigsaw Puzzles are that perfect quiet Sunday afternoon, indoors on a cold stormy day, activity.

Kite Flying is a wonderful outdoor hobby which can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Learn more about this great outdoor activity.

The Yo-Yo has been a popular activity for at least 3000 years. During most of this time the yoyo has been considered a passing fad. But, it is a fad that just won't die.

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