Metals, Pottery and Other Crafts - Find Out What Candle Making has in Common With Soap Making!

Yes, you guessed it. In a more traditional sense both crafts begin with animal fat as one of the raw materials! Wonder if I was the only one surprised about that?

The hobbies in this section are some of my personal favorites. Particularly those involving metal. It is a thrill to create something that with minimal care could last hundreds of years or longer. With a little luck, they might outlast me!

As with all hobbies there is usually some investment involved to get started. Primarily tools and supplies but sometimes books or classes to help you get started with the least amount of frustration. I hope my knowledge and research into these crafts, passed to you through these pages, will help reduce the fear of failure that hold many people back.

If you are a hobby junkie like me, one tip I would give is to think about other hobbies I would like to try and then watch the local want ads for people that have tired of their hobby and are selling their tools and supplies. There are a lot of bargains out there if you have the time and patience to look for them.

As an example. In the first couple of months after thinking I would like to try working stained glass I picked up a glass band saw, a glass grinder, a soldering iron and controller, several pounds of solder and about 200 pounds of beautiful art glass. This was done over several purchases which totaled about $200. A fraction of the cost of new! So, again be patient and watch the want ads.

There are a number of hobbies in this group that can easily be turned into money making hobbies or even a home based business. So, if there is something here you like, you should at a minimum make enough money to cover your expenses. Also, don't forget about the great gifts for friends and family that you can make!

Check out the links below and discover these wonderful crafts!

Candle Making gives you the chance to add your own special touch to a romantic evening. Create your own special colors and scents for any occasion.

Electroforming is a bit like magic! Put a small electrical charge on two items in a liquid bath causes metal, like copper, to transfer from the sacrifical metal item to the item you are creating.

Jewelry Making is a craft that everyone can do and have fun doing it!

Lapidary is the art of cutting, shaping and polishing gemstones. While this art can be performed for profit as a business, it can also be a wonderful and rewarding hobby.

Homemade Lip Balm made and packaged by your own hands in many flavors. Kids love it and will use it when they refuse to use the store bought stuff.

Metalworking is the ability to shape metal into useful objects or items of art. It is a hugely rewarding hobby that creates items that can last many lifetimes.

Pottery making described with information to help you get started in this wonderful hobby!

Soap Making is the perfect hobby for those that care about what they use on their skin. Formulate that special bath soap to make you feel and smell wonderful.

Stained Glass , time to get the lead out! Learn about this colorful hobby.

Make Walking Sticks as a money making hobby can be fun and profitable. With a construction cost of less than a dollar, this hobby can be nearly all profit.

Woodworking projects are not only fun, but they can also become an interesting money making hobby.

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