Guy Hobbies – Believe it or Not Guys, There Really are Manly Hobbies!

I want to say right off that Guy Hobbies can be fun for both guys and gals. Especially if they do them together! Typically, when you say the word hobby the first thing into your mind is knitting, candle making, sewing and a few other crafty type activities. The guys tend to get turned off by the word hobby as a result of this long association.

So, here are some guy hobbies that most men are going to love.

Beer Making – Brewing your own beer can be complicated or simple, it is entirely up to you. You can begin with a kit that includes everything you need to beginning from scratch.

Dice - How to play dice! Here is a site I found that will teach you this fun and fascinating game.

Chess – A good game of chess includes skills of strategy and much premeditation. The game of kings!

Coaching – Becoming a coach for a neighborhood kids sports team can be fun and extremely rewarding. When you coach you become a teacher, a role model and a friend.

Dart Games - This is cheap easy to understand game that is great for any age, size, weight or physical limitation. And, low cost to get into!

Fantasy Sports – Here is an activity that is very competitive and addictive, if I can safely use that word. The term “armchair quarterback” has been redefined by fantasy sports. You can join leagues ranging from baseball, golf, soccer, auto racing and even pro wrestling!

Fishing – Now fishing can be many things to different people. To some it is a relaxing Sunday afternoon lying on the bank of your favorite lake. To others, it is the heavy duty sport fishing.

Model Railroading was once thought to be a kid’s toy has become more a hobby for grownups. Train models of all sizes and shapes are available with landscaping designs reaching a grand scale.

Rocketry – Building and shooting off your own rockets is ten times more thrilling than that favorite action thriller TV show you like to watch. After all, it satisfies that bit of pyromaniac in all of us!

Target Shooting – I keep telling myself this is a great way to improve my hand-eye coordination. This includes both sport shooting and weaponry.

Wine Making – Much like brewing your own beer, this branch of brewing allows you to develop your own recipes for just that special tasting beverage.

Final Thoughts

And, there will be many more by the time I am through! So check back often.

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