Autograph Collecting – Celebrities Are People Too!

Autograph collecting is for most people a natural high. The thrill of getting close to greatness gets the adrenaline flowing and gives us a rush. Connecting with a celebrity somehow brings us almost into the spotlight. It feels good!

As with most endeavors, there is an easy way and a more difficult way to collect your favorite autographs. The easy way is to buy them from another collector or dealer. The more challenging way is to get that signature direct from the star. This could be either be handed to you or get it in the mail directly by the celebrity. The important part is that you know that it is authentic.

Hobbyists usually focus on autographs from a single category of public figure, such as sports heroes, movie and TV stars, teen idols, authors or rock stars. Of course, part of the challenge is finding famous people that are willing to give autographs. Some stars are just too busy and some just want to avoid the closeness of crowds. Generally, the more famous the person, the more tired and reluctant the hand will be.

Serious autograph collectors work hard at getting signatures from their favorite stars. In many cases, your only option is to collect by mail. You can increase your success by always including a self addressed stamped envelope with your letter. If you are asking for a photo, include a large envelope with plenty of postage on it. Always be patient, stars get many requests and may take awhile to get to yours. Waiting for months is not unexpected.

So, how do you write a request for an autograph from your favorite celebrity? You stand a better chance of getting their attention if you get your hands on some nice stationary or a special handmade card. You want something that stands out from the flood of letters that they receive every day. Make sure your handwriting is readable and if that is a problem, type it out on you computer.

Keep your letter short and to the point. Try to stick to the following three paragraphs:

- Introduce yourself and describe why you know about and admire this person.

- Describe what specific example of their work has been inspiring and most meaningful to you. Mention a personal reaction you have had to something they did.

- To finish, politely ask them to sign the enclosed index card. Sign the letter in your best handwriting and send it with the self-addressed, stamped envelope and index card. Then wait for the response, remember it may take a while.

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