Cowboy Belt Buckles – More Than Something to Hold up Your Pants!

Today’s collector of cowboy belt buckles has more choices than ever. Western styles have been the traditional item found in many collections but are being supplemented by others that might be flashy, modern or something full of nostalgia.

The modern day belt buckle originated back in the cowboy days of the old west. Originally cowboys used suspenders to hold up their pants. Of course, the exception was the famous gunslinger that needed some way to keep those guns near his waist!

Then came along the western movies and suddenly it was a fashion necessity to have a showy silver buckle to set off those wonderful blue jeans. Suddenly buckles became a fashion statement, particulary for those of us with our roots out west. But, times change and so do the styles. If you’re like me, you likely have several old buckles lying around with no one wanting to wear them.

It has also become popular in the last 30 years or so for companies to give out awards and incentives to employees in the form of belt buckles. These are sought after by collectors, particularly if they have some knowledge of the company or may have worked there.

That’s where the collector comes in. You can collect based on any number of criteria. There are silver, with and without gemstones, there are state themed buckles, biker gang buckles, flags of countries, super hero buckles, skull and crossbones buckles and thousands more. To get started, begin collecting a style that is meaningful to you in some way.

Where to Find Belt Buckles

Your most likely starting point will be eBay. A routine search for the general category will usually bring up over 20,000 items. From there you can begin to narrow down the results by searching for more specific key words. This is also a good way to begin to figure out what a reasonable price to pay should be.

Other places to look when starting out include your local thrift stores. Depending on your timing, you might find a real bargain. Also, check out flea markets and sometimes yard sales. There are also online dealers and collectors that may have just what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to ask family members about their old buckles, you never know what might be hiding in family closets!

As far as collecting hobbies go, buckles will be on the low end of the cost to get started scale. Many can be picked up for a few dollars whereas you can also pay several hundred for something with precious metal and gemstones.

Finishing Up

Collecting cowboy belt buckles can be a great hobby and a way to spruce up your wardrobe!

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