Darts – I Get the Point!

Darts happens to be one of those great games that just about anyone can play. Short, tall, shy, outgoing or any other descriptor poses no problem in playing this game. The game is simple yet allows those of us with a competitive side to really get into it.

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Darts can be played at home, at the local watering hole or even in club settings. There are leagues organized much like many other sports even including tournament play, complete with trophies!

The game is easy and low cost to set up. You can pick up a good board for $30 to $75 and a good set of darts will run you about $35. A piece of masking tape will work fin as a throwing line and scoring can be done on a piece of paper. As compared to other home sports like pool, air hockey or foosball this is relatively low cost to get started.

Unlike many games, you can play this one with a few as one person to as many as will fit into a building. Realistically, more than about eight players gets pretty slow and you will spend too much time figuring out who has the next turn. At least I have that problem!

Like most hobbies, darts has its benefits. It improves hand-eye coordination, teaches sportsmanship, and is relaxing.

The Basic Games

X01 – This game begins with a score of 301, 401, 501, 601 or 1001. The object is for everyone start with the same score and then get to zero by subtracting your round score from the total. The first one to get to zero wins. There are some variations to starting and ending the game, such as reaching zero by ending with a double.

Around the Clock – The object of this game is to hit every number on the board in order. First one to finish is the big winner. There really is no need to score so long as each person can remember what number they last hit.

Cricket – This will likely become one of your most favorite games, its mine! The object is to close all your numbers from 20 down to 15 and bulls-eye. Closing a number or bulls-eye amounts to getting three of that number in no particular order. The first person to close out all numbers is the winner.

The Old Standard Games

Baseball – The object is to score as many runs as possible each inning. Scoring is done by writing the numbers 1 to 9 down the left side of the page. Players’ names are placed across the top of the page. Each player, in order, throws three shots at the number of the current inning. For example, in the first inning each player is trying to get ones, fourth inning fours and so on. A run is counted when the player hits the number for that inning. Doubles and triples are counted as such. The player with the highest number of runs after nine innings wins.

Golf – Just like in real golf, the idea is to complete each hole with as few shots as possible, so lowest score wins. The game is scored by writing the players names across the top of the board or sheet of paper and numbers 1 to 18, or 1 to 9 down the left side of the page. Each player throws 1, 2 or three darts. The last dart thrown determines the strokes for that hole. The thin outer doubles ring counts as a hole in one. The thin inner triples ring counts as two strokes. The wedge between the bulls-eye and the triples ring counts as three strokes. The thick wedge between the doubles and triples rings counts as four strokes. Landing a shot anywhere else counts a five strokes. Like in baseball, the player at the first hole is aiming for a 1. Third hole is aiming for 3, and so on. When all the holes have been played, the player with the lowest score is crowned winner.

Mulligan – This is a relatively difficult game with pretty simple rules. First step is for each player to select six numbers either by just calling them out or by throwing six darts. Each of these numbers must be closed out by getting three of each and three bulls-eyes. Only darts hitting in the triples ring of that number can be counted towards closing. Scoring of other numbers can only begin after the first number is closed out. The first player to close out his/her numbers and bulls-eyes is declared winner.

Safety Concerns

This game is played with a very sharp projectile. While it really is completely safe, it is recommended that you keep pets and kids out of the area between you and the target board. If you have ever accidently hit one of the metal wires on the board face, you know it will bounce the dart back a couple of feet sometimes sticking into the carpet or tile floor. So play it safe so this can be a fun game for all.

Final Thoughts

These are a few of the basic and classic dart games that people play. There are a great many variations which can be played to keep the game from becoming boring. As I said earlier, this is a great fun game for all types of players.

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