Flying Things – Kids Crafts Sure to Entertain for Hours!

Here are few flying things crafty ideas that will keep your kids busy for awhile making them and then entertain them for hours as they play with them. All are very low cost, if any, and completely safe.

Squeeze Missle Diagram

Squeeze Missile

For this flying thing you or your kids will need a used plastic soda bottle, dish soap bottle or some other soft squeezable plastic bottle. You will also need two drinking straws, one with a larger diameter than the other. Some tape, a bit of child friendly glue and a sheet of paper.

Start your creation by making a hole in the bottle cap just large enough to slide the small straw through it. The tighter it fits, the less you have to depend on the glue to hold it in. spread some glue around the joint where the straw goes through the cap.

Cut off the larger straw so that it is just one inch shorter than the small straw now glued into the cap.

Make some fins for your missile by cutting some triangles out of paper and tape them onto the outside of the larger straw.

Make the nose cone by wrapping tape around the end of the straw opposite the fins we just installed. Wrap it around a few times and then squeeze the tape to a point.

Slide the larger straw over the smaller straw and give the bottle a good hard squeeze. This should launch the missile high into the air.

Feel free to decorate your missile with felt tip markers and colored tape. The kids can have their friends over and challenge each other to fastest and highest missile launches!

Pop Bottle Glider Diagram

Pop Bottle Glider Game

Make a cool pop bottle glider game that two friends can play for hours and not wear it out. Fast paced action that promises giggles and gasps as the glider travels back and forth between the two players.

For this craft you will need two empty soda pop bottles, two 10 foot strings, and four plastic rings which can be made from a pop can six pack holder.

Start by having the adult cut the bottom ends off the two soda pop bottles. Tape the two bottle tops together.

Thread the two 10 foot lengths of string through the bottles.

Cut the six pack can holder to give you four rings which can now be tied to both ends of each string. By holding the strings tight and spreading the strings apart while holding them together at the other end causes the glider to propel to the end. Reverse the ring positions and it flies back.

Use paper and glue or felt tip markers to decorate the outside of your glider!

Balloon Flying Saucer Diagram

Balloon Flying Saucer

This balloon powered flying saucer will keep the whole neighborhood buzzing about the saucer sightings and the unexplained flashes of light. Well, maybe not but it will still be fun!

You will need an old or new CD (Compact Disk or DVD), a nine inch balloon and a snap cap from a liquid dish soap bottle. Pull the nozzle off the soap bottle cap and put the stem of the cap through the hole in the CD and snap the nozzle back on. The CD should now be sandwiched between the cap and the nozzle.

Blow up the balloon and slip the balloon end over the closed soap bottle nozzle. Pull the nozzle open and let go of your balloon flying saucer. Away it will fly!

To add to the fun, you can decorate your flying thing balloon and the CD with felt tip markers!

Balloon String Rocket Diagram

Balloon String Rocket

This quick and easy flying things rocket will entertain the kids for quite a long time. To build this one, you will need a straw, an oblong balloon, 20 feet of string and some tape.

Insert the string through the straw and tie each end of the string to something that won’t move, like a big chair, door know, tree, or something else like these. Blow up the balloon and tape it to the straw. Pull it to the end of the string and let go of the balloon. The air blasting out will send it shooting to the other end of the string. Repeat for more fun!

Again, you can decorate your string rocket with felt tip markers.

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