Radio Control Cars, Drive 75 Mph Without a Drivers License!

Radio Control Cars or RC cars is a very popular hobby for young and old alike. If you love to tinker with mechanical and electrical devices then this may very well be your dream hobby! Building, taking apart and putting back together the components of a model car or truck is just part of the fun. Racing these is the other half of the equation!

There are two categories of radio control cars, including electric and gas/nitro powered. Both come in ready-to-run (RTR) and those that need to be assembled. If you are checking out this hobby just to see if it seems right for you, you may want to begin with a ready to run electric/battery powered car. These are lower cost and will get you up and running right away. Keep in mind that the low cost models will have inferior controls as compared to the more expensive cars. This simply means that if you have fun with the cheap car it will only get better as you advance to the more sophisticated models.

As with all radio controlled models there are toy grade vehicles and the so called hobby grade. The toy grade as you can guess are aimed at kids, lower cost, typically run with battery power and have simple control circuits built into the vehicle body. Toy grade vehicle electronics are usually not transferable to any other model. This is in contrast to the hobby grade vehicle which is more sophisticated in construction and function and usually requires assembly. Hobby grade usually means they can be customized and share electronics from a variety of manufacturers.

So what is the scoop on electric/battery versus gas/nitro models? Here are some of the considerations when venturing into each type.

Electric/Battery Thoughts:

Usually best for beginners

Quieter and easier to operate

Battery packs last 10 to 15 minutes with a recharge time of about 30 minutes. Usually you will want to purchase extra battery packs to extend your driving time.

Off-road versions can achieve speeds of 15 to 30 Mph and on-road models kick it up to 20 to 40 Mph.

Gas/Nitro Thoughts:

Typically for the more experienced

Runs on nitro fuel which is not as flammable as gasoline, but can cause burns.

Tank of fuel will usually run for about 15 minutes. Can be refueled to keep you going.

Speeds are somewhat dependent on your skill level they typically range from 20 to 60 Mph. Certain models can reach freeway speeds of 70 plus Mph.

Fueled models require more maintenance.

Racing radio controlled cars is a huge part of the excitement generated by this hobby. Competitions can be found nearly everywhere and at most times of the year. These are usually organized through local clubs and organizations.

I highly recommend that if you decide you want to get your feet wet in this hobby that you join an radio control car club. There you will meet others with similar interests that can give you pointers and tips for getting started. These clubs can get you involved in racing events where you can develop your skills and strategies. These groups can also help you learn how to maintain your model so that they last for a long time.

So, there you have it. Use the links below to dig a little deeper into this fascinating hobby.

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