Recycle Crayons – Ever Wonder What to do With That Old Box of Worn Out Crayons?

Recycle Crayons! That’s right, take all those old broken worn out, uninteresting bits of colored wax and turn them into better than new crayons that your kids will love to use.

Note: Only a portion of this craft can be done by the kids. The heating and melting of old crayons must be done by the adults.

In a nutshell, we are going to sort the crayons by color, melt them down and pour them into fancy molds. When cooled they are ready for a new life!

Materials Needed:

A half dozen metal cans

Candy molds or fancy ice cube trays

Lots of old crayons

Large cooking pot

Over a few days of meal cooking collect a half dozen small to medium sized soup or canned vegetable cans. We will use those to melt the old crayons. Wash them out a bit.

This next part the kids can help with. Gather all your old worn out and broken crayons, you may even want to ask the teachers at school if they have any to give you. Sort all of the crayons by color and remove the paper wrappers. Don’t worry about exact color matches as sometimes the blended colors might be new and even more exciting. By mixing primary colors, the kids can come up with varieties of secondary colors.

Put a small amount of water in the cooking pot and heat slowly on your cook top. With the sorted crayons placed into the individual cans, set the cans into the pot with heated water in it. Use a small wooden stick or dowel to stir the melting crayons. No need to get them hotter than needed to melt them. Be careful as the melted crayon wax will be hot enough to burn you. This is a time for the kids to stay safely away!

Once melted, fill the candy molds one at a time until each can is emptied. If you have some left over after filling all your molds, don’t worry as they can be remelted later when molds are available.

Once the new crayons have cooled, pop them out of the molds and they are ready to use. When worn down again, make recycle crayons out of these!

That’s all there is to it! Kids will love them, you will save some money and you can truly say you are into recycling!

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