Spaghetti Painting – If Only Worms Could Do This!

Spaghetti Painting happens to be one of the most fun ways to essentially finger paint. While the kids are doing it they are learning that there are many ways to express that creative side. On the plus side, you get to use up some leftover cooked noodles from last night’s spaghetti meal. And, I’m a grownup and even I had fun doing this one!

So, here is how you do it:

Gather together all of the materials you will need. Tempera paint of several different colors, I usually stick to rainbow colors. Some newspaper sheets to cover the work area. Some paper plates to put the paints in. Next, you need a large sheet of art paper to be the canvas for this masterpiece. Finally, some cooked noodles, preferably the kind that gets nice and thick.

Alright let’s get down to the fun part, lay out the newspaper (I would avoid the financial section for obvious reasons!). Place your piece of art paper in the middle of the newspaper splash zone. Pour out some of the paint onto the paper plates. Plop a dozen noodles or so into each of the plates of paint and push them around so they get covered well. Pick your favorite color, pull out a noodle and apply it to the paper. Drag it, roll it, push it, whip it down and any other application techniques that happen to come to mind.

Then it’s a matter of trying the different colors and focusing the creative forces at work! This one is guaranteed to make it to Grandma’s refrigerator door.

Here is a final thought, once dried, displayed, and ready for recycle, cut the picture into rectangles and use them for some really great note cards.

Spaghetti Painting art really can be fun!

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