Jewelry Making – Wear You Creativity Around Your Neck!

Jewelry making is a wonderful hobby that really lets you cut loose your creative side. Whether it is a necklace, bracelet, broach, ear rings or a hair tie, there are endless ways to show your creativity. On top of satisfying your creative needs there is also the opportunity to turn this hobby into a home based business.

Jewelry has been an art form for thousands of years and is ever more popular today. The jewelry crafting person need only use their artistic talents to make eye catching combinations of precious and semi-precious metals, glass beads, gemstones and other items. Even non-traditional items like teeth and bones have been worn as symbols of beauty, wealth and power. And for the truly unexpected, look at steampunk jewelry. I guess it is true the beauty really is in the eye of the beholder!

Today there are many types of jewelry making. There are the more traditional like gold and silversmiths which craft their pieces from metals and set into them gemstones. These processes use methods of casting, soldering and electroplating which take years of experience to become skilled and recognized. Lapidary and metalworking skills are complementary to this method of jewelry making. Electroforming is also a method for creating your art.

Other jewelry styles involve stringing beads of various styles, colors and materials. Most of the materials for this type of art can be found at your local craft supply store. They are inexpensive and require no particular expertise to get started. All that is needed is a good concept of what you want to make and the ability to pick out the pieces to make it happen. This type of jewelry making is closely related to the hobby of Beading.

Often jewelry is designed around a theme. There are designs that aim to please the new bride and her wedding party. There are themes for kids and young adults that can be both fun and serious. Others may edge towards the zany or abstract and appeal to people that share those same qualities. As a jewelry designer and maker, you can work in any or all of these niches.

Bead or Wire Jewelry

Jewelry Making from beads and wire is likely the most popular form of this hobby today. It can be somewhat confusing to get started due to the tools and materials needed to get started. Basic tools include several pliers – Needle nose, round nose, flat nose and a flush wire cutter. If you are making pieces that must be visually perfect, consider buying a set of these same pliers with plastic jaw inserts which will help keep from marking the surface of your wire.

Wire is another item which can be confusing. Wire comes in many thicknesses or as you will come to learn as gauges. The thing to remember here is that the larger the gauge number the smaller the wire. Depending on your project you will likely want to begin with the higher gauge or smaller diameter wires as it will be easier to work with.

Wire also comes in a variety of shapes such as round, square and half round. These are used to give your work different visual effects.

If this isn’t confusing enough, wire comes in many degrees of hardness. The softer wire will be easier to bend and shape, but will be easily damaged if not handled carefully. Harder wire will, of course, be more durable but will be more difficult to work with.

And then there is what the wire is made from including copper, stainless steel, brass, silver and gold. There is also the option of a plastic coating on some wires. Your choice of metal must be matched with the design of your piece, particularly if it by itself creates a visual effect.

Next is the question of where you can sit down to work on your craft. Whether you are doing this as a pure hobby or looking to start a money making business, you are going to want a small area that will promote your creativity and be quiet enough you can concentrate. You need to spend some time planning this space. Make sure you include good lighting in your plan and think about storage of your tools and supplies.

So, now you have your tools, supplies and a place to work. It is time to make that first work of art. Don’t worry. If you mess up you can just start over again. It really is all about practice because as you practice, you will figure out what works and what doesn’t. Experiment and try different techniques. Go on-line an look at the help sites, and there are a mess of them, to pick up tips and ideas.

Steampunk Jewelry

This style of jewelry is all about making wearable works of art from collections of gears and other industrial metal shapes. Mostly the steampunk jeweler uses old watch and clock works and parts to create unusual and sometimes symbolic jewelry art. The rewarding aspect of this style of jewelry is giving new life to lost and broken treasures that have been cast off as junk for one reason or another. Pieces of this jewelry style tend to be highly sought after.

Jewelry Making As A Home Business

Creating your own home based business selling your handcrafted jewelry could never be easier. Practice your art and develop your skill until you have items that fit what customers want. Whether you focus on a niche type product such as wedding party jewelry or swerve into a steampunk style, there seems to be plenty of customers for quality merchandise.

You can sell your pieces at specialty boutiques, consignment shops, craft fairs, or even eBay. Take a look on-line at what other people are selling and you can quickly see the kinds of prices people are getting for their work.

Finishing Up

This is a great hobby that everyone can start and have fun with. Tool investment is minimal and supplies are low cost and easily obtained. Stretch your imagination and turn loose your creativity – make jewelry!

Above all else, make sure you have fun doing this wonderful hobby of jewelry making!

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